Treats year round with Kandy Apples By K


Each year, people rush to go to the State Fair for the rides, the fun, and the food. Something that’s very common at the fair is the candy apples, but not everyone wants to wait until the fair comes back around to restock. Kandy Apples by K is a company that sells different flavors and variations of candy apples all year long.

CEO and founder, Kim Battle, is a Raleigh native who started selling candy apples at local markets and festivals but opened her own store in the Spring of 2019. The store has continued to grow and add more flavors to its menu since its opening. The store is located at 6320 Capital Blvd Suite 107, Raleigh. The store is open Wed. through Friday from 2-6 p.m., and on Saturday from 12-6 p.m.

There are multiple flavors of apples to choose from, with new flavors added weekly. Some of the flavor options are carnival, which is a regular red candy apple. They also have cotton candy, Sour Patch, and coconut flavors. Not only do they have candy apples. They also candy other fruits such as pineapples, kiwis, grapes, and more.

Created in New Jersey in 1908, candy apples have been around for over a century. They were made by a candymaker named William Kolb who was trying to make Christmas decorations for the window of his candy shop. He used red cinnamon candy to create the dye for the apples.

Once the customers were interested in what he had created, he began making candy apples for them every fall. 

Many people think that candy apples can be made from just any apple but they are wrong. According to Battle, only Granny Smith apples will work because they can handle the heat of the hot sugar and it will stick better. Not only is the candy apple a sweet treat, but it is also slightly healthier because it is still an apple.

Candy apples are another great way to celebrate with friends and family. Going to Kandy Apples By K is something else you can add to your to-do list. Candy apples bring people together not only during the State Fair or holidays, but it brings joy people knowing that they don’t have to wait for them in the fall, but they can come and relax and have a good time and enjoy their candy apples together.