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Roaring Bengals

At this year’s Met Gala, there were many extravagant outfits, most of which were centered around the theme, “The Garden of Time.

Which celebrity wore the best Met Gala outfit?

Leina Howard, Opinions Editor May 22, 2024

There were 450 celebrities that were invited to the Met Gala, on May 4, 2024. The “Garden of Time” theme worked in conjunction with the Costume Institute’s spring exhibition “Sleeping Beauties:...

Sunrise over Wrightsville beach

Best vacation for your summer trip

Ava Bridegan, Opinions Writer May 22, 2024

Summer is by far the best time of the year, not only for me but for everyone. It's an amazing three month break from school and stress. Around this time, everyone and their families are planning a fun...

Fuquay-Varina HIgh School off campus lunch pass

School policy off-campus pass

Alida Stuber, Opinions Writer May 20, 2024

FVHS has an off campus lunch policy, which states that only juniors and seniors can leave campus during lunch. They would need to buy an off campus pass to be able to do so, but freshman and sophomores...

Are movie adaptations or books better?

Are books always better than film adaptations?

Rein Petitt, Opinions Writer May 16, 2024

Film adaptations of books have always been a controversial topic. Beloved books being turned into blockbuster films and shows can leave fans in disappointment over the vision not being brought to life. Some...

Bolts Drinks located in Fuquay Varina, is a very well-liked place to go and grab a coffee.

Best coffee in Fuquay-Varina

Fiorella Mena, Opinions Writer May 15, 2024

Many people like to get a coffee before the start of their day, during lunch, or after school. One of the best and most convenient places to get your coffee is from Bolt. They have a variety of coffee...

What color do you assign to what subject?

Math should be blue, English should be red

Leina Howard, Opinions Writer May 14, 2024

There has been a standing debate on which subject is what color. If there was a folder for each subject, science would be green, history would be yellow, math would be blue, and English would be red.  Often...

What is the safest, most affordable first car for teenagers?

Best first car

Alida Stuber, Opinions Writer May 13, 2024

The car market is huge, with endless options for cars. Considering what the best first car would be is hard because there are a lot of things to consider. The easiest decision is used or new. Used cars...

It is often debated, which is best, Stanley (left) or Owala (right)?

Is Owala or Stanley a better drinking cup?

Ava Bridegan, Opinions Writer May 13, 2024

We've all heard of the famous Stanley cups and new Owala cups thanks to Tiktok. In the year 2020, during Covid, Stanley started getting pretty well known for their cup styles and unique designs. Soon after...

TV shows and movies both offer different experiences.There are many viewers who prefer to watch TV shows, while others find movies more enjoyable.

TV shows versus movies

Rein Petitt, Opinions Writer May 9, 2024

The debate over whether movies or television is better has gone on for decades. Some people like the continuous storylines of TV shows, while others prefer to have a nice and shorter experience with watching...

Movie trailers are meant to convince people to watch a movie through the use of clips picked by the producers. This can often spoil parts of the movie for people, making it less exciting.

Movie trailers show too much

Ava Deinarowicz, Copy Editor May 9, 2024

Before buying a ticket for the movies, you're going to watch all the trailers online. You are going to pick the most interesting one or the one that is advertised the most. But does seeing these short...

Doing school work on paper and on the computer have different positives and negatives.

Schoolwork on paper versus computer

Alida Stuber, Opinions Writer May 8, 2024

In recent years, a computer has become the norm for school equipment. Students in our generation experienced the switch between paper and digital work, due to virtual school during the pandemic. Some students...

Society has often debated about the ethical standpoint of zoos.

Ethicality of zoos questioned

Alida Stuber, Opinions Writer May 7, 2024

Visiting zoos is a common activity for families and school trips. Going to a zoo can allow you to learn about animals and wildlife. It also offers chances to see animals that otherwise you wouldn't have...

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