The first two weeks show a promising season for MLB

Baseball is back and better than ever. This year in MLB, changes are making the games interesting as some teams look to be on the rise to success.

First off, the pitch clock has really changed the game in a short amount of time. The pitch clock is a 25-second timer that goes on in between pitches to speed up the readiness of the batter and the pitcher to try and make the game go quicker and bring more action and intensity to the game.

With the pitch clock being involved in the game, it has shaped a lot of teams differently this season so far. The team that stands out the most has been the Tampa Bay Rays, as they have a 10-0 record to start the year. This is the first time this has happened since 1884 with the old St. Louis Maroons.

This year’s Rays team has a new look to it with the additions of infielder Isaac Paredes, catcher Christian Bethancourt and pitcher Jeffery Springs. Mix these new guys plus the returning stars in Randy Arozerena and Wander Franco. With these key players and the rest of the team, they look to make a run for the playoffs and hopefully will be playing for a World Series in October.

Aside from the Rays’ dominant start, there are some teams that took amazing so early in this year. Of course, you have the Atlanta Braves on top of the NL East division as they are decimating the National League. The San Diego Padres have really come into their own this year as they emerge to be the Braves’ new rival for the NL.

In the American League, it’s the Rays stealing the show, but right on their tail are the Minnesota Twins and the New York Yankees. These three teams have great pitching in their rotations and bullpens, plus they all excel at hitting the baseball fairly consistently.

It’s only two weeks into the season and already so much is happening. Needless to say, this season looks to be a very promising season, and we the fans will have fun watching it.