Carolina Panthers first pick in 2024 draft


Sarah Munzenmaier

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After a much-expected lackluster 2022 season, the Carolina Panthers are attempting to kickstart their rebuild. 

The Panthers traded this year’s No. 9 and 61 overall picks, the first-round pick in the 2024 draft, the second-round pick in the 2025 draft, and star wide receiver D.J. Moore for the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft. 

After the loss of Cam Newton in 2019, the team has been searching for his successor. This draft pick gives them the opportunity to fill the biggest hole on their roster. 

With Bryce Young, Anthony Richardson, and CJ Stroud as top prospects for the QB position, the Panthers might finally find their franchise quarterback. 

Bryce Young was the quarterback of the Crimson Tide. He seemed like a magician on the field, comparable to Patrick Mahomes. He might not have the “wow” of physical attributes, but he is truly gifted at the game.

Anthony Richardson was the quarterback of the Florida Gators. He would be more of a project quarterback. His physical attributes are much greater than anyone else in the draft, comparable to Cam Newton. Richardson is fast, big, and can sling the ball; however, he has accuracy issues.

CJ Stroud was the quarterback of Ohio State. His highlights would be his accuracy, and a great pocket presence, which makes him a great rusher and passer. However, Stroud was surrounded by great weapons on the offensive line and wide receivers. Would he still be a star QB without the offensive line and wide receivers he had at Ohio State?

The Panthers also recently signed Andy Dalton, but not to be their star quarterback. The veteran QB will most likely be a mentor to whoever they draft, as well as their backup. 

Another option the Panthers may have might be to trade for the third or fourth pick in the draft in order to accumulate more draft or player stock. With three prospects, they might be able to secure a QB as well as some draft capital.

The first pick of the draft gives the Panthers the boost they need this upcoming season, no matter what they do with it.