Junior women’s club host gingerbread house display

On Dec. 1-16 the Junior Women’s Club is hosting a Gingerbread House display at the Fuquay-Varina Arts Center. Everyone is invited to come and see what contestants have made. 

As you walk through the display, there are different tables that show all the gingerbread houses made from categories including adults, teens, children, and families. Every gingerbread house will be judged based on overall appearance, creativity, difficulty, neatness, precision, and holiday spirit. There will only be one winner. 

This is the second year the Junior Woman’s Club has hosted the gingerbread house display, but for 35 years, they have been serving this community. They make a difference through their volunteering service. The Junior Woman’s Club helps raise money to help organizations such as the Emergency Food Bank, Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce, and Run the Quay. 

The gingerbread house display is beautiful and a great experience to enjoy with friends and family. One house, in particular, was a town filled with snow and a decorated tree in the middle, and on the sides are houses and little shops that all connect to the tree

 Another gingerbread house was farm themed. They had a Christmas tree with farm animals all around, including chickens, pigs, a fox, and a raccoon surrounding the tree. In the back was a barn for all the animals, and there was a snowman watching over them. On the side of the barn, they have a little garden to grow their crops. 

These are just some of the gingerbread houses on display. They have many more that all have their unique spin on them. This event not only helps to display the talent in Fuquay but also gets people excited for the holidays.