Juniorettes organize Christmas drive for UNC hospital youth patients


Student Services and the Juniorettes Club are holding a Christmas Drive from Nov. 15 to Dec. 21. To show the Christmas spirit, contributors can donate items such as stuffed animals, clothes, and books for children aged infants to 12 years old. Donations can be dropped off inside the Student Services Office. These items will be given to UNC Hospital Care and young patients.

 “I am very excited that FVHS is holding a Christmas drive and I think it is a wonderful way to take care of those who need extra support for the holidays. I do think that this drive creates a caring atmosphere and recognizes FVHS as a caring school,” said Michelle Montgomery, a counselor at FVHS. 

But there are rules that must be followed. Toys must be store-bought with tags attached and unwrapped. Gifts should also not be violent or religious-themed. In order to get more students to donate, flyers with information are being placed in homeroom teachers’ mailboxes to be given to students. 

Each grade level will be expected to donate different items for the Operation Christmas Drive. Freshmen will donate toys. Sophomores will donate coloring books and crayons. Juniors will donate pajamas, beanies, socks, and mittens. Lastly, seniors will donate throw blankets. The staff will also be given the incentive to do the same. Each department (CTE, counseling, world language, math, etc.) will be assigned a category. 

“I wanted to donate because of my wish to help others in need. Helping a child, especially a child who has less than me, is always the right thing to do,” said sophomore Sienna Alvarado.

Christmas is a holiday that brings people together and creates memories that last. FVHS will always stand for the idea of putting others first. Donating to the school, and even to other charities during this Christmas season is considerate and shows support for people in need.