American Music Awards entertains audience


With the boom of social media in mainstream entertainment, a way that we have been able to show recognition to important musicians is through award shows. One important annual event is the American Music Awards, which has many mixed reviews.

The AMAs originally aired back in 1973 and were a way to keep viewers interested in their show rather than The Grammys. Their voting system was also a way to keep people intrigued, with fans voting on and over Twitter. Artists win based on the accumulated votes, with the highest-voted person winning in the category.

Since this award shows rely on voters’ choices, many people have different feelings regarding the nominees and winners in these categories. This year’s 2022 AMAs aired on Nov. 20, showcasing older and new artists competing for awards. Beyonc and Taylor Swift competed alongside Harry Styles and upcoming singer Bad Bunny for best artist. Bunny’s popularity has been booming in the past two years for reggaeton, which has allowed him to become a global personality. 

Artists Steve Lacy and Rosalía, who have really shined on apps like TikTok, received nominations, with Lacy’s hit album “Gemini Rights” gaining traction for his unique sounds, bringing back elements of 1990s funk and R&B with elements of the popular indie rock sound. Rosalía’s hit song “BIZCOCHITO ” has helped more Hispanic artists become a part of the mainstream media.

Taylor Swift wins six awards that night shows how large of an impact fans’ votes have. Her new hit album “Midnights” left listeners moved, and her music video “All Too Well” had famous actors Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien telling an emotional story of an age gap relationship.

The AMAs also allow artists’ to debut their looks on the red carpet. Many celebrities showed up in extravagant gowns and suits. We also saw stars showing up in bold and theatrical looks. The red carpet allows them to break more boundaries, get more people talking, and have fun celebrating the honor of attending this award show. 

The AMA’s format is good to keep viewers interested and coming back every year to watch their favorite music artists. It can also be a disadvantage with younger audiences having more of an impact on who wins. Whether your favorite artist won or not, the whole point is to appreciate the hard work and dedication they have to their craft, and that is what really matters at the end of the day.