BSU new representatives


The Black Student Union is a special club here at FVHS. They are well known for taking issues that affect Black people head-on. Sigridur Mitchell, the adviser of BSU, and members frequently engage in events that spread the intention of solidarity and acceptance. For example, on Feb. 17, they have their Black History Month Presentation for all students to see. There are usually spoken word poems shared and a STEP Team performance from Holly Springs.

This club formulates a safe and open-minded space to talk about issues that personally affect members of the BSU and individuals that feel as if their voices are not being heard. It is important to have a group of people representing the school who are willing to help in their communities and choose to commit themselves to look after the people who need it.

“Our students in the BSU have been learning about the history of their town and the workings of organizations around us. We talk about microaggressions and how to respond. We focus on learning about Black leaders around us and celebrating each other. Our students have been part of town performances, and our leaders get to observe and participate in the planning of town events,” Mitchell said.

The Black Student Union would really benefit from having new members. Any student from any grade is able to participate, and attend the meetings that are held. On their Instagram, you can find plenty of posts relating to the dates of these events, and what you can do to help. Students who are passionate about putting an end to racial disparities, or injustices should certainly think about joining.

 “My biggest concern is that our numbers have been going down recently. Perhaps it’s transportation issues since meetings are after school,” Mitchell remarked. 

The Junior and Sophomore Representatives have also been announced. Nico Brown is the Sophomore Representative and Mo’asia Bagley is the Junior Representative. The two were chosen based on their leadership and interpersonal skills, and voting from the members. 

Brown supports her community by fostering a kind and considerate attitude.

 “Being in BSU gives me opportunities to talk to other beautiful, excellent, smart kids of color. It’s taught me to really appreciate my opinions and others as well,” said Brown. Brown is hard-working and determined to help others around her. 

Joining the varsity cheerleading team, and becoming a junior representative is nothing short of amazing for Bagley.

“I really love being a part of the Black Student Union for the experience, and the lessons that I’ve learned along the way. Being in this club has opened my eyes in ways that I could have never imagined. I am very grateful to represent this club, and wish to continue making my family and friends proud,” said Bagley.

All students should consider joining this club while they’re in high school or recommend it to people that love speaking their mind.