Fright night replaced with fall festival

Maya Kopczak, News Writer

Fright Night has been the Interact Club’s event that they’ve put on for as long as they can remember; however, this year, they are unable to do it due to a shortage of staff to supervise such a large event. It used to be a fun event with a trail where the club members would scare kids and just have a great time.

Club member Mackenzie Behr said, “It’s really frustrating for us because we spent so much time and energy from last year up to this year. We had a great theme and we were ready to go. Not only does this impact our club, but it also impacts other clubs as well.”

People are really going to miss Fright Night. It was a huge staple at FVHS and won’t be forgotten. 

“This wasn’t just a one-person thing, this is a whole club,” said Behr.

Although Fright Night is no longer happening, the Interact Club is putting on a Fall Festival. Whereas Fright Night was geared more towards teens and adults, the Fall Festival is for all ages and includes many activities for children such as cornhole, face painting, and apple bobbing. The Fall Festival is going to essentially be a carnival/field day for all ages.

Behr said, “It’s basically like a field day and we’re going to have cool stuff like potato sack races and such.”

The Fall Festival is set for Nov. 3.