Girls varsity golf comes out swinging

The Lady Bengals golf team has hit the ground running this season. They have played three matches so far, earning first place in two out of three and earning a respectable second out of the other. The girls came out strong in their first conference match, taking first place by six strokes. Sophomore Kaitlynn Barnes has been a strong lead for the Lady Bengals, earning Medalist Honors and Player of the Match. So far this season her scorecard has been impressive, as she finished in the top three overall for the leaderboard each match.

Senior Melany Kipps proudly said, “The first three matches went really well. It was great getting our first home win at Bentwinds, winning by 10 strokes.” The Lady Bengals look to improve their record and continue on with their strong start to the season. Each match played has been between the Bengals, Cleveland, Clayton, Garner, South Garner, Willow Springs, Southeast Raleigh, and Corinth Holders. 

Kipps said, ”I think the school that’s going to be our biggest challenge is Cleveland, but we are very pleased with the kick-off considering we are a pretty young team with only two slots filled by Seniors.”

Sophomore Katie Faircloth shared that Cleveland was going to be a tough match

“Cleveland for sure gives us the most competition out of all the teams. They have a lot of older girls on their team that our team members compete with,” said Faircloth. 

Over the years many athletes will develop pre and post-game rituals in order to improve their skills and technique when it comes to their sport. 

“I prepare for a match by trying to get myself in the right mindset before we get there. I focus and practice independently,” said Kipps. Her focus as soon as she reaches the course is to be to herself, concentrate on her swing, and have a solid hit on the ball. 

Kipps has some strong personal goals over this golf season. “Over this season I am striving to become stronger and be able to hit the ball further. Another goal is to be able to become more comfortable with my short game abilities,” said Kipps. 

Up next for the Lady Bengals is a match on Sept. 27 at their home course, Bentwinds, followed by a match at Pine Hollow on Sept. 29.