Bus shortages at FVHS

This school year at FVHS, bus driver shortages have become an inconvenience for students. Everyone needs transportation at the end of the school day. Getting home should be easy and efficient. Not having a consistent way to get home can be very frustrating and challenging for students. 

The easy answer to this problem would be to just hire more bus drivers. But the solution is not that simple. For one, most bus drivers are underpaid and overworked. They constantly have to take on multiple routes, resulting in students having to wait around an hour or two for their bus. If a bus is not covered by a driver, then students are on their own to find a way home. Senior Caleb Autry said, “On days I work, It causes me to be late sometimes, and I have no time to relax before work.”

Drivers are good with students and enjoy their job because of the employee benefits and the connections they can make with teachers. The bus drivers that can still work are appreciated for the hard work that they put in. “Some bus drivers have to deal with kids that run wild on the bus and don’t know how to sit down. Not to mention having to deal with buses that break down, leaving thirty to fifty kids without a ride home,” said junior Sanai Mondie. 

For people thinking about becoming bus drivers, the cons can outweigh the pros from their perspective. Low income alone can often push people away from taking the job. 

Sophomore Miazion Warren said, “Personally I believe bus drivers deserve more respect and pay.” Schools have used methods to show their appreciation for drivers by giving them gift cards, cookies, cute crafts, and more.

The main resolution that is mentioned by parents and drivers themselves when it comes to shortages is higher pay. Drivers say it’s unfair that they have to work more, and still get paid less. The ones that are leaving are refusing to come back until they receive more pay. That might just be the answer. Bus drivers are not paid enough, especially for the hours they work every day. According to CBS 17, there will be an effort from Wake County to pay drivers more and have more reliable transportation for the students, while providing more routes for the students that don’t have one.