The Terminator in cleats


Erling Haaland quickly climbed up the ranks as one of the best goalscorers this season and many teams want to sign him as soon as his contract ends. Following in his dad’s footsteps, this striker from Norway, has been a treasure for Manchester City Football Club. At the age of 22, Haaland is already in the starting 11 for his club. Haaland also has all the positives for a soccer player, meaning he has speed, strength, and even height standing at six foot and four inches tall. He’s nicknamed the “Terminator” due to his physical attributes and how brutal he plays on the field.

Haaland was also able to score the same amount of hat tricks as Cristiano Ronaldo in just eight matches. He  even managed to score nine goals in one match during the under 20 World Cup. Haaland is also the youngest player ever to score 50 goals in the Bundesliga.


While repping the number nine on his back, he takes every chance he can get to score if it just takes a single tap in or going through his opponents. His fan base is so huge they even made an anthem that is sung every time he scores. With fans, there are also haters. Some may say that all he does is tap in the ball and score an easy goal, or he’s nothing without a team, but thinking in another perspective, he’s the only person in his team actually taking every single chance he can get to make most of his teammates passes into assists. When we don’t see a lot of that in most teams, either someone is too tired or has no faith in scoring.


Haaland has a five year contract, meaning he is allowed to stay with Manchester City until 2027, but is also allowed to take in an offer in 2024, which seems likely. A club that is making Haaland their top priority for 2024 is Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, which would change the team so much. If Real Madrid is able to buy Haaland, then it would majorly change El Clásico, which is two rival clubs that play. Real Madrid’s rival is Futbol Club Barcelona. Having such a player like Haaland on Real Madrid would boost the team so much.


Haaland has such a bright future. If he keeps this up, he can be considered the best young star right behind Kylian Mbappe or could even be the best player in soccer after Lionel Andres Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo retires. There is also still so much to see from Haaland; it looks like he still has not reached his prime yet. This player is definitely worth keeping an eye on.