Netflix goes above and beyond


Sarah Munzenmaier

Graphic design by Sarah Munzenmaier

Netflix is the most used streaming service in the world and for good reason. Netflix has a great menu, an amazing selection of shows and movies, and also Netflix originals. 

Netflix has been creating its own shows and movies called Netflix originals, and a lot of them turn out to be really popular. A few examples of Netflix originals are “Wednesday,” “Outer Banks,” and “Bojack Horseman.”

First on my list of Netflix originals is “Stranger Things.” This is a sci-fi/light horror show that takes place in the 1980s that revolves around a group of friends in middle and high school. 

This show has a great soundtrack and amazing character development. In this show the group of middle schoolers along with their siblings, friends, and other characters try to understand and rid their earth of monsters from a parallel dimension.

Next on my list, which is not a Netflix Original, is CW Channel sports drama,  “All American.” This is a football drama that revolves around a football prodigy named Spencer James. This show presents the struggles of a student-athlete trying to become a professional player. This show also faces other important issues such as community outreach, cultural appreciation, and gang violence. Overall, this show really shines a light on how precious life is and how important it is to fight for your community’s safety through protests, community gatherings, and by leading by example.

Last on my list of Netflix originals is “Cobra Kai.” This is a karate drama based off of one of the all-time best movies of all time “The Karate Kid.” “Cobra Kai” is a modern-day continuation of the “Karate Kid,” however, they follow the perspective of the bully from the movie, Johnny Lawrence.

Netflix is a great streaming platform for watching movies and tv shows. With the addition of Netflix originals, they have really gone above and beyond to prove they are the best streaming service out there. I highly recommend trying out a Netflix free trial and giving some of these Netflix titles a try.