Best places to watch March Madness


Sarah Munzenmaier

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March Madness is one of the most-watched sporting events of all time. According to the NCAA, around 60-100 million people fill out brackets each year. There are some classic spots where people go to enjoy this event, but what are our students’ favorite places to watch March Madness?

Some people prefer to watch the madness unfold in a public area, such as senior HL Smith.

“The best place is a bar because it’s where you can watch the most games at once,” said Smith.

Fellow senior Ross McLeod agrees.

“I love watching March Madness at places like Buffalo Wild Wings because it’s an amazing environment,” McLeod said.

Freshman Lucas Prestipino also enjoys Buffalo Wild Wings.

“They have a ton of TVs and a lot of food options which makes it an amazing place to watch basketball,” Prestipino said.

Others have no real preference, as long as they are with their friends.

“Anywhere as long as I’m with friends. It could be a restaurant or a house, as long as I’m making memories with my friends,” senior Cooper Adams said.

Senior Bella Lane prefers the comfort of a place that she knows.

“My favorite place to watch March Madness is from the comfort of my own living room. I can watch the games in my pajamas and choose whatever snacks I want from the pantry. I can also discuss all the bad calls with my family and argue which one of us has the best bracket,” Lane said.

However, junior Zach Christeson likes to relax while watching the games.

“I usually watch games while playing video games. It makes a relaxing setting,” Christeson said.

The perfect spot for watching March Madness seems to be anywhere you can have fun and make memories. So as the madness unfolds, the true meaning of it all is to make memories with people you’ll never forget.