HapyValy takes inspiration from 90s music and from each other


Aynsleigh Penland

Local band, HapyValy, performs at Rock the Quay event on March 4, 2023

 The local Fuquay-Varina Arts Center recently hosted the very first “Rock the Quay” event on March 4. The event showcased the musical talents of seven local bands, including 3 of which were comprised of FVHS students. 

The first band on the lineup that featured FVHS students was “HapyValy,” formally known as “Magellan.” The band features seniors Reed Johnson, Anthony Forzaglia, Colin Bidwell, Ty Yobs, and Middle Creek High School senior Xavier Heggie.

“We are all multi-instrumentalists and like to switch around as much as we can, but our final lineup was Anthony Forzaglia as lead vocals, me on bass and backup vocals, Colin Bidwell on guitar, Ty Yobs on lead guitar, and Xavier Heggie on drums and backup vocals,” explained HapyValy bassist Reed Johnson.

Much like the band’s inspirations, HapyValy has a very beachy/indie-type sound. 

“Each of us has our own set of inspirations, but I feel like all our music as a band is very much derived from the 90s music scene and modern indie/alternative rock,” Johnson explained.

“For me personally, with my main instrument being the guitar, I take a lot of inspiration from John Frusciante from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The intricate, harmonic melodies, yet still very much rock is something I feel all of us value in music,” clarified Johnson.

Every band has a story behind their name, whether that be personal or just to sound cool. “HapyValy” is a great example of a bit of both.

“We hastily picked the named “Magellan” for Rock the Quay. After performing at Fainting Goat the week prior, we established that the name was not going to stick. We got in Colin Bidwell’s car and it had a license plate that read “HapyValy.” We kinda just looked at each other and were like, yeah this works so well, and that was it. The name clicked and really matched our energy,” recalls Hapy Valy guitarist and vocalist Johnson.

Being a part of a band is like being a part of a family. Everyone is a part of something and everyone has something special to offer. 

“These guys are my best friends. We all support each other musically and just enjoy each other’s presence. We can go be ourselves and have fun with each other, on and off the stage. Plus these guys are incredibly talented and continue to help me grow as a musician,” shared Johnson.