Origin of Coffee

Coffee has been around for years and has expanded in many different ways, such as regular hot coffee, iced coffee, cold brew, mocha, Americano, and much more. 

Coffee is originally from Ethiopia and was invented by a goat herder, named Kaldi, according to Business Insider. Coffee comes from a bean grown on a tree and has a stimulating effect on humans due to the high levels of caffeine. Coffee helps people day to day by getting rid of their tiredness and increasing energy levels in their brain function. 

Many people do not like coffee because of its bitter taste, and if added on top of their energy, it can cause more stress or anxiety. Coffee doesn’t always have the same effect on people, that is another reason why some people do not drink coffee. Others are trying to stop drinking coffee because of the caffeine effect and health factors. 

Coffee is prepared differently in a lot of countries. In Italy, they drink a lot of espressos, and in Finland, they pour their coffee over cheese called juustoleipä. 

Senior Julisa Mancia prefers a regular roast of coffee. 

“I don’t think coffee really affects me because I’ve been drinking it my whole life,” Mancia said. 

There has always been a debate on whether coffee or tea is better than the other, and of course, not everyone has the same opinions. 

“I prefer coffee over tea. It’s more like a comfort to me,” Mancia said. 

No one knows what the future will hold, and in that time, coffee can change. People and their drink orders can change.

“I would want my coffee to be sustainable, fair trade, and really good quality. A heavier roast. I would sell it with my own creamers and sugar, and I would call it the great bean,” stated Mancia. 

According to thecoffeemave.com, not many people like the taste of coffee. Some people might want to like it but can’t because the coffee taste is too strong for them. 

“For a noncoffee drinker, if they like sugar I would recommend a frappuccino because they don’t taste like coffee, but for someone who wants something warm and doesn’t want a big coffee taste, I would recommend a latté,” Mancia said.