Build self confidence with a good workout


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Rows of dumbells on their racks with sunlight shining on them

The gym is a great outlet for making yourself feel confident in your own body or clearing your head of your everyday stresses. Working out gives you the ability to improve your body and when it comes to clearing stress and physical exercise helps you channel your stress in a positive way.

Gyms are important because the thought of getting out of the house is the push someone needs to get their workout going. Not only do gyms give mental drive to work out but they also provide a variety of workout equipment to ensure you have the resources to fit your workout needs.

There is a big catch to going to the gym, the price of gym memberships. The price of gyms may be too expensive for some people, especially students in high school that doesn’t have jobs or families who are tight on money. Planet Fitness for example is only $10 a month which is a pretty good price for a gym; however, $10 adds up if you don’t have a source of income. 

Another problem with gyms for high school students is transportation. Many students don’t yet have their licenses and struggle with getting a ride to the gym. In case you are struggling to get transportation there are a lot of theoretical solutions such as carpooling with your friends or biking to the gym.

Even though gyms offer a good facility in which to work out, if it is not accessible, there are alternatives such as doing workouts at home with what you have. Although, it won’t offer the same resources that would be provided to you by going to a gym, such as the wide variety of workout machines.

Even though gyms might pose some problems when it comes to accessibility, price, and transportation, especially for young teens, they are a great place to further yourself and get a good workout in.