Adult animation shows big personality


According to CartoonBrew, 60 percent of modern comedy is Adult Animated TV. When people think of comedy, a lot of different things come to mind. Most of the 2000s marked the beginning of adult-centered content, ranging from stand-up shows to rom-com, and even animated TV shows. Out of all these categories, adult animated TV proved to be the most versatile. 

Writers focus the plots on fantasy, mystery, romance, a slice of life, and other genres. Comedy Central and Adult Swim produced shows like Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, and The Simpsons

Ratings went up, and large audiences formed around these sitcoms. People enjoyed these shows because of the portrayal of strange personalities under the image of a normal life with punchlines and subplots.

Sitcoms like these inspired intriguing shows in the 2010s. More sitcoms started to revolve around real-life traumas, experiences, and relatable issues. This includes Bojack Horseman, F Is For Family, and Big Mouth

Some episodes hit close to home, and with these shows, you really start to bond with the characters. It’s not only amusing to watch but interesting to see these shows present the darkest corners of human nature. It’s a commentary on how issues can be overlooked for someone’s comfort.

This new wave of animated sitcoms is not only great for entertainment, but it creates a space for the audience to think for themselves. Watching these comedies can have a cathartic effect on the people who watch them.