Minecraft 11-year anniversary



Minecraft is about to celebrate its 11-year anniversary. With a game that has been out for more than a decade, one may think it’s a dead game. However, it’s still one of the world’s most popular games out there. For those who aren’t familiar with Minecraft, it is a survival, sandbox, and open-world type game. Minecraft is such a well-known game that it’s also used for educational purposes with an official spin-off of the game called Minecraft: Education Edition, which helps students to learn in a simple manner.

Minecraft is a block game, it’s almost like you’re a Lego mini figure living in an infinite real-life Lego world. That would be a simple way to put it.

The overall goal of the game is like other games. There’s usually one end goal, to beat the game. To be able to see the end credits, you will have to enter a dimension called The End. In this dimension, you have to be able to defeat the Ender Dragon, which is no simple task. Firstly, you have to be able to have armor. The preferred armor would be the strongest, which is made of a material called Netherite, found in a dimension called the Nether. As for weapons, you would need a Netherite sword and a bow. 

It is also very important to enchant your equipment. For those who are unfamiliar with that term, an easy way to explain it is by putting cheats on your items. For example, a possible enchantment is Fire Aspect, which can be added to your sword to set any mobs you attack the fire, except fire-resistant mobs like the zombie pigman. After you have all the enchantments you need you will be able to challenge the Ender Dragon.

This game has always had good updates that never disappoint. Possibly because they rarely come out with updates, and when they do it’s always a good update with new things to do, places to explore, and new achievements to unlock.

Minecraft is just not a survival game, it also contains other game modes like creative mode which is almost the same as survival, but you are able to have an infinite amount of any block and can build anything you can imagine. This game also comes with an online feature where you can play with friends, and there are servers where you can play minigames like Hide and Seek and Hunger Games.

Overall, this game has been a joy to play, it has been a crucial part of my childhood, including mine. Minecraft has had the biggest impact on gaming over the years and still holds the title as the number one game, having the most copies sold.