“Wednesday” seeks mystery and revenge


Late last month, Netflix  released the highly anticipated “Addams Family” spin-off titled, “Wednesday.” Since its Nov. 23 debut, the show has gained over 340 million hours in viewing time, breaking the record previously held by “Stranger Things 4.”

 The show begins with Wednesday Addams walking down the hallway of the public high school she attends. Upon finding out that her younger brother, Pugsley Addams, had been tied up and shoved in his own locker by a group of jocks, Wednesday immediately seeks revenge. Her antics wind up getting her expelled from the school, which leaves her parents no choice but to send her to Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts that they both attended.

After being accepted into the school mid-semester, Wednesday meets her new werewolf roommate, Enid Sinclair. Enid is the school gossip girl who loves all things bright and cheerful, which clashes with Wednesday’s dark and gloomy demeanor. After the trivial bickering ends at the beginning of their friendship, they become extremely close. 

The show also focuses on two boys who show romantic interest on Wednesday. The first love interest is Xavier Thorpe, a fellow Nevermore student, and a very talented artist. The second love interest is Tyler Galpin, a “normie” who works as a barista at the local coffee shop and is also the son of the Jericho town sheriff. While Wednesday finds herself navigating her life as a teenage girl, she also finds herself uncovering the mystery of a monster running through the forests of Jericho on a killing spree. 

After being gifted a necklace by her mother, Morticia Addams, Wednesday begins having visions that can both predict the future and show past events. On the night of the town’s Harvest Festival (spoilers from this point on), Wednesday has a vision of Rowan Laslow, an introverted social reject at Nevermore, getting brutally murdered. She runs into the woods in an attempt to save Rowan but has the tables turned on her with Rowan attempting to kill her instead. Right when it’s almost game over for Wednesday, the aforementioned monster tackles Rowan and disembowels him right in front of her. Before she could get a clear look at the monster, it ran away, sparing her life.

As the monster’s victims grow in number, so does the amount of questions Wednesday has. The entire series throws false hints and very subtle, but very important, details at you right out of the gate. When watching through a second time, there are so many things you wouldn’t have noticed the first time. Everything could be a clue to the mysteries of the show. Background props and even character interaction can be seen as a hint. The show piles on mystery after mystery, even aside from the main conflict of the serial killer monster. Another great thing about this show is that just when you think you’ve solved the mystery, everything you thought you knew starts becoming even more questionable than before. 

Overall, this series is a rollercoaster ride. It combines the tones of dark, murder mysteries, comedy, and just a twinge of teenage romance so well. It’s well worth the watch if you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon and seen it already.