Sweater weather is upon us

Winter is coming, and your sweaters and scarves are waiting to come out. There are so many different types of fashion in just one season, which includes designer coats, leggings, and your most comfortable boots. From pumpkin spice to peppermint mochas, the decorations aren’t the only thing changing with the seasons. 

Junior Gwendolyn Plotz thinks that basic sweatshirts and sweatpants are the way to go this winter. As winter rolls around Plotz don’t think that dresses and skirts are the right moves for her.

“You’re freezing just to be pretty,” she said. While temperatures are cooling down, Christmas is just around the corner. Poltz is ready for Christmas and cannot wait to see everyone’s sweaters.

 “I love cozy feeling Christmas sweaters,” she said.

Senior Marissa Lovelace loves wide-leg jeans and skirts. 

“I think pairing jeans or a skirt with an oversized sweater and some earmuffs or a beanie makes the perfect cozy-looking outfit,” she said. With the fashion world being so big, inspiration is all around.

 “I’m inspired by Japanese and Korean fashion trends mixed with some online influencers I follow and my own personal creativity. I find some of my best outfits come from a little bit of everywhere,” said Lovelace.

Some fashion choices that Lovelace will be rocking this winter are cargo pants and sneakers, and she has recently found a new style to wear.

 “I’ve recently discovered acubi fashion which includes baggy pants and asymmetrical pieces with a staple sneaker. I think panda dunks are a recent favorite as well as Doc Martens,” said Lovelace.

Sometimes winter isn’t easy to dress for, and with the temperature dropping, there isn’t always time to dress stylishly.

 “I try to mix cozy with cute, such as wearing a looser fit bottom with a more dressy top, though I enjoy simple sweatpants and hoodie day,” Lovelace said. 

As the holidays are almost here, pulling out your Christmas sweaters is the way to go. 

“I’ve been into the dad sweaters which give me holiday vibes. The sweaters usually are oversized and have earthy colors like green and brown with stripes. I think argyle sweaters have the holiday feel too,” Lovelace said. 

Another senior who cannot wait until the winter season is Serenity Smith. She has big ideas on how she’s going to style this season.

“I think grandpa sweaters, mini black skirts, with stockings and Doc Martin boots are some of my favorite outfits for winter,” said Smith. Some of Smith’s fashion is taken from streetwear worn by models. 

“I like to take inspiration from Bretman Rock, who wears mom jeans. I also take inspiration from Kendall Jenner and Zendaya,” said Smith. 

Something that Smith doesn’t want to see this winter is skinny jeans with no rips in them. Smith doesn’t categorize being cozy and comfortable or cute and stylish; she finds herself in the middle.

 “At school, I am dressed cozier and comfortably, but when I am home I’m more stylish,” Smith said. As Christmas rolls around Smith can not wait to see everyone’s Christmas sweaters. 

“I love Christmas sweaters! The ugly ones, the grandpa ones, the stripes and patterns, I love them,” Smith said. 

There are many great things to look forward to this winter season. Spending time with family and friends, drinking hot chocolate by a fireplace, and showing off your best winter outfit.