The frequency of half days cannot be raised

Half days are when class time is shortened within schools, leading to shorter days. Although they may not be days off, students still celebrate when a half-day is announced. Currently, though, half days are pretty rare and are usually just days off instead.

Every Friday or even every other Friday would be the perfect time for schools to have more frequent half days, as it would allow students to get to their weekend faster or allow them to do weekend homework quicker. Teachers also still get to teach necessary curriculum on these days, since they are not entire days off. Another way this assists teacher is by giving them more time to grade work and spend more time with their loved ones.

It would be nice if schools had more frequent half days, but realistically it could never happen. More half days means school time throughout the year is heavily reduced, which a lot of school officials will dislike. A lot of schools may not be willing to accept more half days due to how vital school hours are, and also because of a lot of government officials’ views on school time. A lot of people that dictate things regarding school want to increase school time rather than reduce it.

Another problem is tests and quizzes which are typically on Fridays. Students having less time to take these tests and quizzes would be very problematic, especially for students who take a while to finish them. No student wants to skip out on lunchtime in order to complete a test they weren’t able to finish on time.

Overall, it would be beneficial to both students and teachers if half-days became more frequent. However, due to the impossibility of this happening, they will just have to rely on holidays and weekends in order to get their breaks.