Weird Al’s ultimate parody


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TORONTO, ONTARIO – SEPTEMBER 08: (L-R) Daniel Radcliffe and “Weird Al” Yankovic attend the “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” Premiere during the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival at Royal Alexandra Theatre on September 08, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

After years of parodying songs, Weird Al has finally produced a full hour and forty-eight-minute long movie, “Weird: The Al Yankovic story.” If you’re going into this expecting something serious, then you’re in for a total whirlwind. So, is the movie worth watching? Or is it too comedic for its own good?

“Weird” isn’t the first movie for Weird Al, as his 80s movie “UHF” was a big hit with fans, but not at the box office. This time around though, he’s not acting. He’s helping to produce the movie. With Daniel Radcliffe as the main namesake, and a cast full of what one can assume is Yankovic’s entire phonebook, the movie is filled to the brim with memorable names. “Weird” is a parody of the biopic genre, of movies like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Rocketman.”

With a storyline including Madonna, played excellently by Evan Rachel Wood, the movie involves wacky scenarios like taking over a cartel. With this in mind, it’s clear this movie doesn’t take itself too seriously. Although I went into this hoping for a real insight into Yankovic’s life, this film is exactly what I should have expected. Yankovic never has taken himself too seriously, and it’s a fun and refreshing idea to parody a genre and mix in some others too, like action film tropes. The movie is a lot of fun and all the actors looked as if they enjoyed working together.

 Danielle Radcliffe is amazing as the lead character. It’s great to see him continuing to make a name for himself outside of the Harry Potter franchise. Radcliffe is a great actor and is perfect for weird and kooky roles, as proven by his role in “Swiss Army Man.” Although in the original short for the movie, Aaron Paul was actually the one who played Yankovic. Yes, Jesse from “Breaking Bad” could have had Radcliffe’s role, which I for one would have loved to see.

My only complaint about this movie is that it does get a bit too gimmicky at times. Although overall it was funny, I did feel myself growing a bit bored with some of the jokes. But the movie is a great parody tribute to a genre that has recently been gaining a lot of traction. If you have Roku and grew up listening to Weird Al as I did, you definitely should check this out. I give it 4 out of 5 paws.