Taylor Swift’s newest album gives advice to fans


On Oct 21, Taylor Swift released her new album, “Midnights.” For the past decade, Taylor Swift has been the most influential pop singer. Swift has been an icon to her fans by releasing new sounds with deep lyrics with each new album. Most Swifties love any album of Swift’s and will back up anything she says. 

Top songs from the new album are “Anti-Hero,” “Lavender Haze,” “Midnight Rain,” and “Snow on the Beach.” All of these songs have different central ideas, but they all come together to create a futuristic theme. Some of the songs on the album connect to Swift’s past relationships and what she thinks she should have done differently. Other songs on the album, such as “Anti-Hero,” talk about how people that know Swift and her fans would react to Swift being dead. While listening to the album you feel many different emotions and get an understanding of what Swift is saying and feeling. 

Swift’s lyrics make you feel different emotions in each of her songs. Her lyrics create an image of you in a relationship and the other person isn’t what you thought but you can’t help yourself from still being in love with them. A song that should get more attention is “Question.” The song paints a picture of what Swift is talking about and it makes you feel like you’re in that situation. It makes you feel like you’ve moved on from someone and makes you think about the what-ifs. “Sweet Nothing” is a similar song that makes you feel like you’re in love and you don’t see any of their flaws. 

Swift says in the song, “They said the end is comin’, everyone’s up to somethin’, I find myself runnin’ home to your sweet nothings.” 

Swift has incorporated many great songs into this album. She ends it with the song called “Dear Reader,” as she closes the chapters of her past relationship, and what she should, could, and would have done differently. Of course, once people start listening to Swift’s songs, she wants them to listen to their gut feeling. Swift wants people to know that things can be different and that they do not always have to stay in that relationship.