Why homework is a problem

Homework is something that has been controversial for many years now. Many people can agree when I say, homework is not a good idea, but, there are also people that may think it’s a good thing to have homework, as it can help you to practice what you learn from school at home. Yes, it can help with your academic abilities but there are also many flaws to homework.

One flaw is homework can stress out students when they could already be dealing with something at home. Building up more and more stress is not healthy for students. It affects their mental health, meaning it causes harm to their psychological or emotional health.

Homework can also be something that is time-consuming. Students may have jobs after school or may have different activities to do. Students may not have time to do their homework and get a bad grade for it. That would not be fair for them.

Homework for high school students is usually from one hour to two hours per day. According to a study done by Stanford, two hours of homework each day can cause lots of stress, is counterproductive, and could lead to health problems. While students are doing homework, they could be doing other stuff, for example, exercise.

Homework is given to practice what you learned from school while at home. As this is important to improve your knowledge, there are some possible solutions to fix the idea of homework being a negative thing. Teachers could have time after class to be able to practice what they learned. Another solution could be to make it optional or extra credit so as to not affect your grade negatively.

All in all, what I’m trying to say is that homework is often seen as something that leaves a negative impact on students. It’s something that is time-consuming, seen as less important, and can be a burden. Homework is something that is not enjoyable for many and can give students problems mentally and physically.