Fashion opinions on campus

With the trend cycles constantly changing, the fashion industry has many do’s and don’ts that match the current style craze.  Everyone has a different view on what they think is in and what they think is out. Many students at FVHS have different opinions on what they consider fashion. Most students take inspiration from others they see around them. 

Senior Suzanna Davydov thinks soccer mom outfits are interesting.

 “The fashion trends for women coming back from the 2000s such as low waist jeans, ‘soccer mom’ outfits with leggings and a tank top are very interesting,” she said. 

Davydov likes seeing low-rising jeans make a comeback but is against some of the popular trends, “Fashion trends that should go are dog collars and big spiky black boots,” she said. 

Davydov has a few articles of clothing she thinks should stay for a while.

 “Fashion trends that should stay are ripped jeans with a slightly cropped shirt and leggings with hoodies.” 

With the seasons and weather changing, Davydov wants scarves to have a comeback. Something she also wants to see in the future is dutch braids.

 “I would love for the hair trend to come back,” she said.

Another senior Hannah Rano thinks the sophisticated look is interesting.

 “I am going to talk about more of a category of clothing rather than a particular trend. The actual style itself is prep school chic but you kind of describe it as gossip girl style. What’s interesting is how broad it can be. You see polished versions of it or more like grungy or even a boho version. It’s mainly a lot of skirts, tights, and button-ups. The style itself is pretty hard to shop for, and I give a lot of props to people who dress in that style,” she said.

 Rano doesn’t mean to offend anyone but she thinks a lot of trends need to die out.

 “This is my opinion and I no hate for the people who like it. The multiple patterns or too many colors have been here for a minute. I’m all behind bright colors but in combos. The style I’m talking about is like zebra print with orange and floral then deciding to throw a hint of polka dots for no reason. It’s throwing something together just because it’s all bright and hoping it works. Another one would have to be flames. It has been a trend in clothes that needs to go from slowly dying to not existing. The flames on sleeves, sunglasses, nails, it’s just all overdone and honestly a little tacky,” she said.

There are two styles Rano loves: baggy and athleisure.

 “The baggy style with big cargo jeans, high tops but with a tight top or fitted top. It gives a nice shape and it really can look good on anyone if they do it right. It’s not super hard to shop for and you only need basics and a few staples.” 

For athleisure, Rano doesn’t just mean black leggings and a sweatshirt, she wants a sense of pop.

 “More bright color leggings, shorts, and biker shorts with a baggy vintage tee or fitted crop tanks or even a long fitted tee or tank. It’s done well with chunky white sneakers with a pair of mid-white socks,” said Rano. 

Instead of a style coming back, Rano thinks a certain style piece should come back.

 “It’s gotta be pleated skirts, but instead of coming back with the oversized sweatshirts and the mock neck, I want it to be with long tube tops or fitted tanks and focus more on low-cut skirts for something a little edgier and just match it with a Mary Janes or Oxford Doc Martens,” she said.

Rano is a huge fan of Harry Styles but has a few opinions on his outfits.

 “I love Harry’s Styles but how he did skirts and dresses was not as flattering as it could have been done. I want to see guys going for a more traditional feminine style but still being able to do so in a strong way. I’m talking higher cut and more fitted tops on guys and keeping their lower cut jeans and utilizing cargos and that street style more,” she said.

 Rano thinks this style is progressive and flattering on guys.

 “I think we people, in general, are becoming more progressive, and I think the style will be flattering on guys and good for continuing to limit toxic masculinity,” said Rano.

Many people have different views on what’s in and what’s out in the fashion industry. Even though something you don’t like isn’t the current trend, don’t be afraid to express yourself in something you love. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and remember, everyone has a different perspective on what they deem to be fashionable.