Speaking truthfully is beneficial to your health

Something we can all agree on is that there are moments we wish we could handle better. Possibly the most common thing we wish we could change is what we said. However, we just cannot seem to find the courage necessary to say something that we have been hiding for some time. It may be difficult, but I think speaking what is on your mind does more good than harm.

One reason speaking your mind can benefit you is that it could lessen your stress if you tell someone the truth or a secret. When you finally let go of a secret of some kind or tell the truth, you feel as if a symbolic weight has just been lifted and your mental state will improve. Likewise, if you keep said secret or truth, they will eventually build up over time and leave you in a worse mental state.

Another advantage of saying how you feel is that it creates a more inclusive environment for everyone. According to forbes.com, opening up about your feelings can, “…create a ‘speak-up culture’ where members of their teams feel welcome and included, free to share their ideas and opinions, and confident that their ideas are heard and recognized.” By doing this, you gain the respect and trust of those closest to you and those you work with.

Not saying things is not all bad though. Keeping secrets can increase the trust between two or more people. Not saying everything can also lead to you giving the right amount of information rather than too much. However, these positives are rather inconsequential compared to the strengths of letting others know how you truly feel.

You are much better off just speaking your mind because it causes less stress and can create a better environment for everyone. I think the best solution would be to build the courage to speak truthfully. There are many ways to do this such as preparing to speak before you tell someone something that has been on your mind for a while until you finally dare to open up about your feelings.