Winter will be colder than last year

As the winter season approaches, many people are wondering if it will be as cold as last year. The answer is that it will be colder than last year, and there will be more snow than normal. This is due to the fact that the La Niña weather pattern is developing in the Pacific Ocean. 

La Niña is a weather pattern that develops in the Pacific Ocean. This pattern causes the ocean to cool down, and when this happens, it has a ripple effect on global weather patterns. One of the effects of La Niña is that it can cause winters in North America to be colder and snowier than normal. 

For students, this means that they should expect colder weather and more snow days this winter. They should make sure to dress warmly for their commutes to and from school like extra layers, long sleeves, and shoes that keep their feet warm. and They should also be prepared for potential school closures due to snowstorms.

 “I love snow days because I can sleep in and chill all day,” junior Irving Juarez said.  

The 2022-2023 winter season will bring “plenty of snow, rain, and mush,” according to the Farmer’s Almanac website.

This winter is shaping up to be a cold one, so students should make sure to take steps to stay safe and warm. By dressing appropriately for the weather and being prepared for potential school closures, students can make sure that they don’t let the cold weather get in the way of their education.