Inflation corrupts entertainment


From gas to basic food it seems like prices can’t stop rising nowadays, but now, our basic entertainment is also increasing in price. Your favorite forms of entertainment are increasing in price, and it’s spelling doom for the future.

One of the most popular forms of entertainment, going to the movie theater, has increased in price over time. In 2000 the cost of a movie ticket was $5.39, but now it’s $9.57. The price has nearly doubled within 20 years. This might not sound too bad, but that price is only going to increase especially due to how streaming services are starting to outweigh theaters in popularity.

Video games have kept a pretty steady pace, with most Triple-A games costing around $60. Even in the 1990s, most video games cost $60, but things are starting to change for the gaming industry. There has been talk about increasing video game prices to $70 and a recent release, “Last Of Us Part 1,” is priced at $70. Video game prices could continue to rise to outrageous levels such as $100. With video game quality on a steady decline, it would be detrimental to have to purchase games for $70 or more.

The new rising stars of entertainment, and streaming services, have also dealt some blows to the wallets of many media enjoyers. In order to enjoy all your favorite shows and movies, you would have to subscribe to a ton of streaming services. Simply subscribing to Netflix, Disney Plus and Hulu would cost you $36 a month. That’s absurd for only three streaming services, and it’s only going to get more absurd as streaming services continue to dominate the entertainment market.

A lot of price increases in entertainment can be chalked up to inflation in general and how everything nowadays is starting to continually increase in price. The cost of food and gas, which are basic necessities in life, is going up, but now our fun is also getting a bigger price tag. How much longer until entertainment becomes too pricey for the common man?

 Only the government can challenge inflation, but you can change your livelihood in order to survive the increasing costs of this world. If you have a job, use your money wisely. If you enjoy video games, try to buy them while they are on sale. If you enjoy movies, make sure the movie you’re watching is good before you watch it. If you enjoy the content on streaming services, try to limit as many subscriptions as possible. Always value the things you need to buy over the things you want to buy.