Heap of the month

A big step in a person’s life is getting the responsibility of having their own car and having the freedom to drive and gain that independence. Nothing is more fun than being able to personalize your car and add your own flare. It allows people to show the kind of person they are, and students at FVHS definitely have fun when it comes to that aspect of their school experience. One fine example of someone showing off their flare is sophomore Nyles Burt, with his car being chosen as this month’s Heap of the Month. 

Burt’s car is a black 2005 Volkswagen Jetta. The Jetta has amazing features which include powerful turbo engines, very good gas mileage, and just overall a well-built car with excellent crash test scores. You can see how strong Burt’s love for cars is with it always being kept in mint condition. Velvet seats in the car allow all passengers to feel comfortable and relaxed during a smooth drive.

“The Jetta has a fully built motor,” he said, which allows it to have more high-quality parts than the average car. Adding this shows how Burt pays attention to detail and knows how to customize his car to fit his needs.

“I have been collecting cars since I was 13 years old,” he said. Even from an early age, he understood the beauty and power that cars can have, and that knowledge of cars only grows as the years go by. 

“My grandad really got me into cars. He used to take me to the drag strip every day. He would make a big day out of it for me,” said Burt. Growing up in an environment fully surrounded by shiny cars and roaring engines can leave a lasting impression on someone. With cities like Mooresville being nicknamed “Race City USA,” it’s common for many people in the Triangle area to have such a fascination with all different brands and models of cars. 

Burt is someone who has fully consumed car media and understands the complexities of cars, and he definitely has a few automobiles he would like to add to his ever-growing collection. 

“I would really like to have an old GT 500 in my collection one day,” he said. Classic cars definitely leave people’s heads turning, and he can easily make an old heap car gain back its true personality and lively state.

It’s always fun to look around and see how students express themselves, and someone’s car can leave a lasting impression on people. It’s a skill not many people are able to do, but Burt does so with ease.