The Orange Crush: Bengal Out

School spirit is defined in the MacMillan Dictionary as, “The feeling of being proud and enthusiastic about the school that you go to.” One of those groups is The Orange Crush, which has a long tradition and leaves crowds ready to roar. Winning an award for best student section, they have shown their impact on not only other students, but on our community.  

“The Orange Crush is basically our student section, but we treat it more as a community more than anything else,” said senior Ryan Seaman, a leader of the OC, “It’s just about having fun, having a good time, and showing school spirit.” Being a member since his early days of high school, he has always shown up to games full of energy and ready to support his fellow bengals, “It’s a controlled environment where you can be loud and still cheer on your school and be yourself.” 

“Student section of the year [award] last year shows that we have to hold that standard, we gotta do whatever it takes to get it again,” said Seaman. Winning that title and award for best student section took a lot of hard work and dedication. Competing with hundreds of schools across North Carolina is not an easy task, but with the heart that The OC has, they brought the trophy home to where it belonged. 

No matter what game you attend, the OC is always on the side lines, cheering on fellow Bengals and making them feel that support. They always keep games exciting by announcing themed outfits for students to wear to show school spirit. You can feel the excitement and energy that they have from miles away.

Ryan Brozzoski, another OC leader, said the OC has traditions that they have passed down from one class to the next. “Last year’s leads passed down their flags and gave them to who they think should be the leaders when they graduate,” he said, “People with flags are definitely some of the big dogs in The OC.”

Brozzoski said their influence not only had an effect on him, but others in the student section. “The class of 2022 had a very big impact on what the OC is today,” he shared. “They handed me a very, very good student section, and we’re trying to keep up with them but it’s hard to top.”

Next time you see any sports team at Fuquay playing against another school, remember that these are the memories you will look back on when you’re older. Don’t miss out on the fun times with friends, the fun costumes, and the sense of freedom that one can have with fellow peers. Don’t be scared to attend any game. High school is about learning and coming together to build that sense of community with others. 

“I think everyone should show out. If you’re there at the games you have to be as loud as you can,” said Brozzoski, “There’s no excuse to have a voice after a Fuquay football game, or a volleyball, or basketball game. We go hard everyday, and everybody should.”