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Christian Helfrich

Graphic design made by Aynsleigh Penland using Canva’s presentation software

Fashion is very important in many people’s lives. Some people think big brand names are important things to have in your wardrobe, while others think they cost too much money. Many people enjoy trends and follow them; others think trends are wasteful and unnecessary. In addition fashion icons have a big role in today’s society with the Met Gala, the VMA’s, the Grammys, and other award shows. There are so many iconic looks taken from different eras such as Princess Diana, Cher, and Rihanna. 

Senior Alahna Theys believes that it is important to find your own style rather than follow what other people are wearing. “I think fashion is important in today’s time because of the outlook they are beginning to adopt. People are beginning to recognize how wasteful the fashion industry is and are incorporating that into modern fashion,” Theys said. “I am not a trend follower because it creates excess clothes that go into the trash when the trend ends.” 

While Theys doesn’t follow current trends, she does find inspiration in 90’s fashion. “I love anything from the 90’s. My fashion icon is Drew Barrymore.” Fashion can be explored in different ways, and seen in different ways.

Another senior Alanna Maldonado said, “Fashion is important in today’s times because it is a form of art. Fashion styles tell a unique story about each person. I’m all about trying different styles and I think it’s a great way to explore new things. Clothes are something you wear on a daily basis and I believe that presenting your appearance shows how you carry yourself as a person.” Alanna continued to say how fashion has an impact on her life. “I was always wearing different things apart from other people since I was little. Till this day I continue to stand out and make fashion a priority. My style says a lot about me. I want to start my own fashion related business one day”, said Maldonado.  

Maldonado agrees that designer labels aren’t a requirement for her wardrobe. “I strongly believe that big name brands are not always efficient,” Maldonado said. “You don’t have to have designer clothes to have a fashion sense. You can turn anything into fashion. Yes, big brand names do set trends, but it doesn’t define who you are.” Maldonado explained. She continued to say she is a trendsetter instead of a trend follower, “In today’s world everybody does what they see others do. Influencers play a part in that as well. Some of the trends are cool because it’s something you rarely see, while the other trends get old once you see everyone doing it. I bring my own sense of POP when dealing with fashion. Street style, y2k, casual vintage, tomboy, classic, and creative styles, each one is unique” said Maldonado. One of her major fashion icons is Rihanna. “I always looked up to her and thought she values dressing up. It’s all about taking risks on different looks and she makes a bold statement,” said Maldonado.  

Dior director of design Maria Grazia Chiuri said, “I think fashion can do a lot. Fashion is very popular, so it can help broadcast a message and reach a new generation.” Fashion is a whole other world where designers like Chiuri can inspire high school students like us. Fashion helps us express ourselves. Some people live and breathe it. It connects people all around the world.