“Renfield”: A movie to sink your teeth into


Sasha Kaiser, Features Writer

You’ve probably heard about the new Dracula movie already, with the notorious Nicholas Cage as the classic vampire role. As soon as the trailer dropped, fan reactions seemed split over whether or not the movie would be enjoyable. Now that it’s out, it sits on rotten tomatoes with a 57% Tomatometer with some pretty mixed opinions. But is the movie really that bad?

Starting off with the acting, to get it out of the way. Nicholas Cage is perfect for Dracula. That’s the general consensus and I don’t disagree. He performs best when he gets to play zany, off-the-wall characters, and this proves it. Who I don’t think is getting enough attention is Nicholas Hoult. Being paired with Cage really makes it hard to completely stand out, but he does it brilliantly. Hoult plays the title character and is great at making us sympathize with him. His road to self-actualization and leaving his “toxic relationship” with Dracula is amazing and fun to watch.

What a lot of people got wrong about the film is that they expected a horror movie, when in reality, it’s more of an action comedy about an abusive relationship between a vampire and a human. The fight scenes are hilarious and over the top with laughably terrible CGI gore. I’m not sure whether it was intentional, just because of the lack of budget in that area, or because the movie leans more towards campy than serious, and real-looking gore would throw off the feeling, but, it didn’t take away from the movie for me at all.

The movie has bombed so far at the box office, but I don’t think it’s because of the quality. The film is fun, but it’s April, and a lot of the general population doesn’t think about vampire movies until October. The movie actually lost money as it cost $65 million to produce and has only gained $18 million at the box office, which is upsetting to hear.

So even if it’s not what you expect, “Renfield” is a ride from start to finish. So buy some tickets before it goes out of theaters and prepare for a fun time.