Moore teaches life lessons with animals


Caitlyn Horton, Features Writer

There are many teachers that shape us and help us grow as students and as young adults. They create a safe place and an environment that helps us flourish. They teach us to respect them, others, and ourselves. Teachers help us develop valuable skills such as teamwork which is an essential life skill. They teach us that making mistakes is okay and that we control our own lives and make our own destiny. These are some of the many reasons why teachers are so impactful on our lives.

One teacher that works hard for her students is Catherine Moore, she is the horticulture teacher here at FVHS. 

Moore loves animal science. She wanted to be a vet after attending NC State, but realized she couldn’t be around sick animals because they make her sad. In college, she was placed in the education department which led her to fall in love with teaching. 

“It was meant to be,” Moore said. She enjoys explaining and sharing opportunities with other people. “Although everything didn’t go the way I thought it would, teaching was the right path for me.”

In addition to being a teacher, she still has a soft spot for many different animals, especially her horses. Moore chose to teach at FVHS because it allowed her to be closer to them. An opening for a horticulture teacher position came up and she took the job, “It was perfect timing,” she said.

 Walking into her classroom, you see an ordinary layout turned into a positive environment with the addition of animals. Some of her animals are rabbits, a guinea pig, a chameleon, a betta fish, a hamster, a bald python snake, and outside she has chickens and chicks.  

Moore has been teaching for ten years and is still amazed when a student is first introduced to the class.