New Year resolutions for the NFL’s bottom 10 teams


Christian Helfrich

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Sam Prestipino, Editor-in-Chief

2022 was a year to forget for some NFL fans. Although bright spots showed for these squads, things like poor coaching, bad quarterback play, and low levels of talent held them back this season. Here is one New Year’s Resolution that each of the current bottom 10 teams in the league needs to accomplish during the upcoming offseason.


New Orleans Saints: Find a franchise QB

New Orleans had to deal with the shocking news that their head coach Sean Payton would be stepping down before this past season. This led to a rushed hire and a shaky quarterback situation that saw Jamies Winston at the helm. After he went down with an injury, the veteran Andy Dalton took the helm. The Saints should look to trade up or trade for a quarterback this offseason to give them a chance at making the playoffs next year. Their best options are to trade for Derrick Carr, sign Lamar Jackson, or draft a quarterback like C.J. Stroud or Will Levis.

Carolina Panthers: Hire Steve Wilks

The Panthers fired Matt Rhule when they got off to the worst start in the league. They then traded superstar Christian McCaffery and Robbie Anderson. It looked like Carolina was in full rebuild mode. Then they named Steve Wilks their interim head coach. Wilks has turned the trajectory of the Panthers around and had the team in the playoff race until the second to last week of the season. The new era of football in Charlotte needs to start with the hiring of Steve Wilks as the full-time head coach.  

Las Vegas Raiders: Commit to the rebuild

The Raiders are a mess, but the move to bench Derrick Carr for Jared Stidhim was definitely the right one. The best thing for the Raiders to do is to clean the house. Trade the big names like Carr and Adams to build up draft capital. If they can draft right and develop talent, the Raiders should be competing down the road.

Atlanta Falcons: Find some high-end talent 

The Falcons are in a pretty difficult position at the moment. After dealing away Calvin Ridley, the Falcons have no star power on this roster. If Atlanta wants to start being competitive, they need to add some serious talent to this roster. Also, if you’re telling me Kye Pitts is “star power,” you’re kidding yourself at this point.

Los Angeles Rams: Don’t get complacent with last year’s Super Bowl win

Thirteen months ago the Rams were on top of the world. Now, they’re far from the powerhouse that most recently captured the Lombardi Trophy. This is partially due to injury and losses of key players like Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr. Los Angeles will need to reload and hope that head coach Sean McVay decides to stay at the helm.

Indianapolis Colts: Learn from past mistakes at the quarterback position

Since Andrew Luck’s shocking departure from football, the Colts have desperately tried to fill the hole year after year. They’ve done this by signing names like Philip Rivers and Matt Ryan to try and save the team. The future of the Colts rests on them not trading for Derrick Carr and drafting a quarterback this year.

Arizona Cardinals: Fire Kliff Kingsburry 

The Kingsbury era in Arizona has been a failure. With all the talent in the world on that roster, they weren’t able to get the job done at any point. They even wasted the final years of JJ Watt’s career. With Kyler Murry hurt and Deandre Hopkins likely leaving this offseason, the Cardinals need to make the right decision and fire their coach.

Denver Broncos: Stay healthy

The Broncos had way more issues other than health this season, hopefully, those problems are resolved with the firing of head coach Nathaniel Hackett. If they can stay healthy this year, they should have decent success.

Chicago Bears: Build around Justin Fields

If the Bears are going to be competitive down the road, they’ll need to build a roster around their star quarterback. If they truly believe in Fields, they need to commit to him and develop a solid roster.

Houston Texans: Don’t ruin Bryce Young

The Texans will clearly look to upgrade the quarterback position this offseason. While likely holding the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, Houston will almost certainly draft the QB prodigy out of Alabama in Bryce Young. Their New Year’s Resolution should be to not ruin the young stud as they did their last franchise quarterback.

As next season approaches, it will be interesting to see which, if any, of these teams can turn it around and emerge as contenders.