History in the making: Taylor Swift’s “Eras” Tour


Aynsleigh Penland

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Anna-Grace Medlin, Editor-in-Chief

Ever since Taylor Swift announced her Eras Tour and crashed Ticketmaster, no one has talked of anything else. Now with opening night had been just last week, fans have had even more to say about Swift.

With tickets costing up to $5,000 and selling out within a day, this was obviously an anticipated event. Now that videos and pictures have been released, we can see why. Between the outfits, dancing, and vocals, there’s something for everyone at this tour, and it definitely won’t disappoint. The originality of this tour is the fact that it encapsulates the essence and lyrics of all 13 of her albums. Fans totally freaked out when the tour was announced and the buzz has only grown, exponentially.

“I love it. Anything Taylor Swift, I just love,” states senior Isaac Wallace. Fans from Fuquay would do anything to go on the Eras Tour. 

“I would do unspeakable things to get a ticket,” said Wallace.
Wallace isn’t the only Bengal who’s passionate about Swift, and so is senior Harrison Kazman. 

“I’d kill to get a ticket,” said Kazman.

This tour’s essence screamed Taylor Swift. The outfits matched perfectly with each album they were meant to represent. Swift’s pink, white, and yellow glitter bodysuit perfectly represented her “Lover” album. Her Robert Cavalli dress resembles the classic 1920s flapper with a modern twist and all of the “Fearless” colors fans love.

Swift’s outfits for “Red” and “Reputation” didn’t disappoint either. They both captured their respective album’s essence, each with an outfit with classic Swift flair.

Not only are the outfits jaw-dropping but so is the music. This tour has something from every Swift fan’s favorite album or song, considering it features all 13 albums.

“I love old Taylor. I think she’s going downhill a little but she can always recover because it’s Taylor,” stated Wallace. 

Overall, this tour is off to a great start, and fans and critics alike will be talking about it for years to come. Even though tickets have long since sold out, you can still follow Swift’s journey on her Instagram and support her there.