Is Chris Pratt a good Mario?

Logan Livingston, Features Writer

With the announcement of the Super Mario Bros. movie cast in September of 2021, many people are concerned about the main casting of Chris Pratt for Mario. The main consensus: Chris Pratt isn’t all that interesting when it comes to voice acting. His “voice” for Mario is really just his normal voice with a very basic fake Brooklyn accent. This contrasts with the rest of the cast, who bring a lot of life to their characters, specifically Jack Black as Bowser and Charlie Day as Luigi, who are as hilarious as they are talented. This is upsetting for long-time fans of Mario’s staple voice actor Charles Martinet. It also begs the question: is Chris Pratt all that good of an actor in general? Though his performances in “Parks and Rec” and Marvel are alright, he really just acts like himself in different scenarios. I’ll give him credit where credit is due, not many people can replicate his acting style because he’s the only one currently in existence. Maybe the full movie will change everyone’s minds, but right now, the consensus is that he isn’t the best.

Some fans have already started thinking about what actors could be a good replacement for Mario’s voice. Suggestions for his performance have been actors such as Danny Devito, John DiMaggio, and of course fan favorite Charles Martinet.

So, what do you think of Chris Pratt as Mario, and who will be attending when the movie finally hits theaters? I know I will be.