New York Cat Film Festival is purr-fect

Sasha Kaiser, Features Writer

The New York Cat Film Festival is an annual event that is exactly what it sounds like, a festival that showcases films about cats. The event is a celebration of the bond that is between cats and humans, and is a great opportunity for lovers of cats and film to gather together. From real life documentaries about our favorite felines, to animated shorts about a cat who lives with a mouse and a sausage, this festival seems to have something to offer everyone. The concept sounds great, but is it too good to be true? I had the great pleasure of attending a showing of this event recently, and can verify, it is as good as it sounds.

The New York Cat Film Festival started back in 2018 as a way to spotlight our relationship with our feline companions. The organization donates a portion of every ticket bought to kitties in need and to give support to local animal welfare organizations. There’s no set genre for the festival, so it includes documentaries, animated shorts, mysteries, and anything else you can imagine. People from all over the world can submit their films to be displayed in front of thousands of viewers. However, in the end, only a select few can make the cut and are premiered.

My favorite film shown at the film festival was called “Cats of Malta,” a documentary about the island of Malta, the cats that live there, and the humans who care for them. The participants in this documentary are all such great and interesting people who deserve to feel the spotlight. There’s also a featured documentary from our very own state. Coming from Durham, North Carolina, the short titled “Please Rescue Me,” follows an avid tree climber who has saved many cats and other animals from trees to bring them back down safely to their owners.

Although there were a few shorts I wasn’t too fond of, the film festival itself is very charming and a great opportunity for those who may want to get started in film. So, if you’re a fan of felines, keep your eyes peeled for the next New York Cat Film Festival. And if you’re more into dogs, the New York Dog Festival might have a showing right after.