Halloween Costume Horoscope

Alissa Martinez, Features Editor

With Halloween creeping upon us, nothing is more exciting than celebrating whether it’s dressing up or even staying in and watching a movie. For those who decide to dress up, here are some Halloween costumes that will match you based on your zodiac sign.


Aries – Morticia Adams 

Aries are known for their boldness, determination, honesty, and for taking initiative. Adams is definitely one to keep people’s eyes turning, constantly staying dark yet elegant. Although she is seen to be intimidating at times, she has a big heart and will always put her family first. You two definitely have the same kind of spirit, and this costume would let your inner personality shine.


Taurus- Patrick Star

Taurus enjoys the company of all kinds of people and has an all-or-nothing type of personality. Not only does Star enjoy spending time with Spongebob, he also is charming to anyone he meets and lets his humor fill up the room. Whether he’s at home or helping his buddies in Bikini Bottom, he always tries to make the best out of any situation at hand. Let out your inner Patrick Star and show off your silly and childlike self. Halloween is the one night a year when you can be as silly as you want, and make sure you have your Spongebob with you too.


Gemini- Batman

Gemini is known for being quick-witted, curious, hard-working, and most importantly, having two faces. Although this is more literal, Batman is known for fighting crime at night and keeping Gotham safe. By day he is known as Bruce Wayne, and he runs his inherited company that was passed down from his father. Not only does this take a lot of hard work, but it requires a lot of skill and a lot of dedication. Geminis always stay fast on their feet, and Batman definitely ties to your zodiac sign.


Cancer- Olivia Rodrigo 

With Rodrigo blowing up in the past few years from her album, “Sour,” she has gained success from TikTok for releasing diverse music about her personal experiences through heartbreak. The album allowed her to be sensitive, creative, and artistic on her own terms, as she went through a rough patch in her life. Cancer is known for being moody and magnetic, but Rodrigo never makes either of those things seem like a bad thing. She was able to create a diverse musical album tying together elements of pop, alternative, and small amounts of 2000s pop punk. Not only does the spirited match, she always has iconic and unforgettable outfits, and can leave abundant possibilities for costume ideas.


Leo- Elle Woods

Elle Woods is a confident and ambitious individual. She stays true to herself throughout her enrollment at Harvard Law. People tried to tear her down, and she only let her inner pink and bright personality shine. Leos are definitely fearless and love being the center of attention, but also love being set in life. Don’t be afraid to be bold and don’t hold back on your Halloween costume this year. You will definitely stand out in a sea of people, but you’re already used to doing so.


Virgo- Jim Hopper 

With “Stranger Things” being successful and popular since 2016, we have seen all the layers of each character and how each of them acts during stressful situations. One person who is always logical and realistic in any situation is Jim Hopper. He always tries his best to help anyone out. Virgos are observant and independent, and always look at things from a realistic perspective. Always trying to help people in Hawkins, he will fight for what’s right and provide safety to anyone who needs it. Hopper is a fun costume that fans will appreciate, just be careful of any spooky creatures that you see this year. 


Libra- Britney Spears

Libras are sociable and charming individuals who respect fairness and are artistic. Spears is known for having her sweet down-to-earth personality tied together with innovative ideas that helped to shape the sound of late 1990s and early 2000s pop music. Although she has had rocky moments throughout her career, she has kept her same determination and same relaxed manners intact and continues to be creative. With many music videos, iconic paparazzi outfits, and album covers available to recreate, remember to stay bubbly and true to yourself.


Scorpio- Bella or Edward Cullen

As we all know, the books and movies throughout the “Twilight” saga have been known for their overdramatic and beautiful cinematography. Scorpios are known for their loyalty and intelligence, but for also being possessive and competitive people. We can see this with characters such as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen as they constantly go through rocky patches in their relationship. Through tears, fights, rivalries, and messy situations, they always stay loyal to one another and would do anything for each other. Whichever one you choose, remember to include the other half of your costume too.


Sagittarius- Coraline

Coraline is an observant, open-minded, and adventurous girl, which matches her true Sagittarius nature. This sign is always friendly and always stays accepting of anyone they meet. They can be outspoken and a bit rebellious at times but they always try to keep a free spirit. Coraline correlates to that fearless and brave side of you, so go ahead and flaunt off your bright blue hair and yellow raincoat. 


Capricorn- Inflatable Minion

With minions working for the most powerful people in the world, it has left them staying extremely loyal not only to each other but to their boss. Minions are hard-working individuals, constantly helping Gru with creating devices and materials to reach their end goal. Capricorns are logical people who like to stay organized and can be very self-sufficient. Minions are always working and staying on their feet, and that can be something that fellow Capricorns can understand. Remember to take breaks and have fun this Halloween, an inflated costume will give you just that freedom that you deserve.


Aquarius- Elvis Presley 

Presley was known for breaking boundaries in the music industry during his rise to fame. He tied in elements of bluegrass and blues to his music, which wasn’t common to hear on the radio, and were often sung in African-American communities. While popularizing that sound of music to many people, he was also known for his iconic leg shakes and for being rock and roll. Aquarius as a whole is unpredictable, fun-loving, social, and always a bit chaotic. Presley was always keeping fans on their toes, and with the “Elvis” movie coming out this past summer, everyone will love your look.


Pisces- The Joker

 The Joker is perfect for any Pisces to dress up as, and with the different variations of the character being created, you can find one that caters more to you. They are a more sensitive sign and the character has lots of depth to him. His dark past and traumas, it kept him emotional and impulsive. Although his actions are definitely extreme, he still has characteristics that Pisces can relate to. With various actors portraying this character and different versions of him, you can pick a more comic-like interpretation or one that’s darker and more sinister. With the mountain of creativity in your mind, you can elevate an idea to a spectacular costume. 


No matter what costume you end up choosing, just remember to have a fun time with the plans you have. Be safe, eat as much candy as you can, enjoy the night, and make fun memories that you can look back on.