Permission slips add to the awkwardness of high school


Al Curle, Opinions Writer

Being an older teenager is an awkward period. You’ve got so much freedom and responsibility but you still have to answer to so many people. Permission slips and waivers that need a parent’s signature only add to this awkwardness. 

For many students, seniors in particular, it seems a little ridiculous to need a parent to sign off on doing something like crossing the street for an AP exam or going off campus. 

“I thought it was unnecessary to sign a form because I’m 18,” said senior Ramon Gonzalez.

Not only does this feel like something that should be done as a kid, but it feels even more uncomfortable with many driving and handling their own business. This is most acute for working students who may have even filed their own taxes and signed up for Selective Service.

“We get drafted into a war or get our driver’s license. Since we have a lot of responsibility, why should we have a permission slip?” Gonzalez asked. 

There’s this dissonance between coming into their own and still being tied down by the requirements of a parent’s consent.  

While it may be necessary for those under 18 to need a parent or guardian for legal reasons, it shouldn’t be the case for adult students. School should be the place to learn to grow and prepare for life, but how can we do that if we still need a parent’s signature?

While some parents, in particular, may chafe at the suggestion of letting their children do school-related things without their permission, school is a place for kids to learn about things beyond the confines of the home.  

Allowing, and even encouraging, students to handle their own business while keeping the parent informed can be a way to teach good habits before they reach the workplace or college.