Is high school hockey coming to FVHS?


Sam Prestipino, Editor-in-Chief

Due to the recent success of North Carolina’s professional hockey team, the Carolina Hurricanes, the sport of hockey is quickly growing in our state. Youth leagues, club teams, and college teams have sprouted up across NC. So this begs the question, when does high school hockey start to grow?

High school hockey is a huge deal in states across the country, so seeing it pop up in our state could be a reality very soon. This is something that has sort of already started as high school teams have recently developed in western North Carolina, as well as in the northern part of the state. 

So will high school hockey be coming to our area FVHS? The future of high school hockey at Fuquay is uncertain due to logistical issues. However, some of these issues could soon be resolved. One issue is ice time. There is barely anywhere for a team based in Fuquay to play and practice. This will soon change with the construction of an ice skating complex in Holly Springs. This is part of a project to build a private school with a focus on elevating ice sports in our area. The complex will be called Calvert Ice Sports.

“The fact that this is designed with every brick, every intentionally for students, for student-athletes, it’s really what makes us different,” said the head of Calvert Ice Sports Tim Healy, according to WRAL. 

The construction of this complex is massive for the future of hockey in our area. So much so, that there are rumors of Apex Friendship High School starting up a team to compete at Calvert Ice Sports upon its completion. This means that schools like FVHS could look to do something similar. With all of the club hockey players within our school, there would definitely be interest in fielding a team.

“I’ve always wanted to play hockey in high school since I was a little kid. It would mean a lot to play for my school with my friends during my senior year,” said junior hockey player Christian Helfrich.

Calvary Ice Sports is scheduled to open by late 2024, which means that high school hockey in our area is on the near horizon. 

“They saw a need and they went for it, and I couldn’t be happier that they chose Holly Springs,” said Holly Springs mayor Sean Mayfeskie, according to WRAL.