Where are the FVHS chickens now?


Dylan Barbeau, Features Writer

The chickens at FVHS have not been talked about for more than half a year. Some wonder if they are even still alive. So here is a comprehensive update on the chickens and their well-being.

Not only are they healthy, they even have a preference for certain seasons and weather.

“They are doing well. They definitely appreciate the warmer weather more than the colder weather, that’s for sure,” said FVHS horticulture teacher Catherine Moore.

A big part of keeping chickens on campus is to ensure that predators like foxes aren’t able to get to them easily. 

“I think it’s nice and safe,” Moore said. “We added some metal fencing to keep predators out.” 

For those wondering if there are going to be chicks soon, there is good news and bad news.

“No, there were some babies, but they were rehomed,” Moore said. 

While it is sad that there are no more chicks at the moment, at least they are likely living their best lives. However, this does not mean that the prospect of having chicks on campus is over. 

Moore added, “I’m going to get them some eggs so they can have babies soon.” 

On a final note, even though there are no chicks at the moment, it seems as if another kind of baby animal is inhabiting the coops. 

“Some baby mice were found in the little coop, but they’re too cute to get rid of,” Moore said.