Watch out for glitches and bugs with DLCs


Patrick Eckert, Opinions Writer

There is new downloadable content coming out this year for huge games in the gaming community. These new DLCs include “Pokemon Scarlet and Violet” and “Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach.”

Pokemon has only ever released a paid DLC for one Pokemon game not included in-game events. This DLC is “Pokemon Isle of Armor” and the “Crown Tundra” for “Pokemon Sword and Shield.”

 These DLCs were amazing and took an already peak game and added tons more content. The new content the DLCs added were new storylines, new Pokemon, and beautiful new locations that many believe were better than the base game.

There is a big difference between “Pokemon Sword and Shield” compared to “Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.” “Pokemon Sword and Shield” was a masterpiece while “Pokemon Scarlet and Violet” are unfinished, rushed, buggy game.

Don’t get me wrong, “Pokemon Scarlet and Violet” was a fun game, it’s just hard to look past the quality of the game. One thing that a big portion of the Pokemon community really liked about this game was the shiny hunting methods with shinies being easier to find. Shiny Pokemon are a rare discoloration that is a big part of Pokemon.

I did not like shiny hunting being so easy because it took away from the hard work that I and others in the Pokemon community put into the other games getting shiny Pokemon. Along with other issues pertaining to shiny hunting such as there being no shiny noise even though the Pokemon spawn in the over world.

“Pokemon Scarlet and Violet” DLC “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero” is announced to release in fall 2023. The DLC will introduce a trio of Pokemon known as the heroes of Kitakami these Pokemon names are Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti. Along with new Pokemon being introduced many Pokemon have also been announced to return in the DLC from past Pokemon games. If you preorder the DLC, you get a dark tera-type Hisuian Zoroark along with new customizable options for your character.

The other big DLC is for “FNAF Security Breach.” Though there were bugs and glitches just like “Pokemon Scarlet and Violet,” it was a really fun game. At first release, the game ran horribly because for some reason the game developers chose not to have any loading screens for a huge open map game.

The game was still playable, however, and later had updates to add loading screens and minimize lag. This game, looking past the issues, was amazing. It had a really fun storyline, cool bosses, a lot of hidden lore, and good characters. A really cool thing this game also implemented was multiple endings to the game with some endings taking a lot more effort to unlock than others.

The “FNAF Security Breach” DLC, “Ruin” is announced to be released in 2023; however, I would not count on that because FNAF games are known for being released later than planned. Not much is known about the DLC yet other than a poster for it showing the perspective of a little girl thought to be the playable character for the DLC. Another thing about the DLC is it is going to be free. A lot of the community believes the DLC being free is an apology for the issues with the game when released.

These new DLCs are something to look out for. Let’s hope they don’t follow their base games’ lead of being released prematurely with bugs and glitches.