Concerts create a rich experience with family and friends


Caitlyn Horton, Features Writer

Music is all around us; it is created in many different ways. We all have someone we would love to meet, whether it’s Beyoncé, Eminem, Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber. There are many ways to meet your favorite musician. Some people are lucky enough to see them in their everyday lives at the grocery store or in a clothing store, but most people usually only see their favorite musicians at a concert. 

Going to a concert for the first time can be exciting and a very special event in your life. There will be many exciting experiences you can share with the people around you.

Going to a concert can allow you to hear music that the artist has put out and it is also a way for them to share new music and to connect with the crowd. 

Senior Angeli Cardoza says her first concert experience was amazing. 

“I went to see Eslabon Armando. It’s this Spanish band. It’s a group of four guys and they make pretty good music,” Cardoza said.

With these amazing experiences, you can choose to take someone to go with you or not.

“I went with my two best friends,” Cardoza said.

There are multiple ways to get to your concert, depending on where it is you can fly on a plane, drive a car, or take a train. Those hours waiting to get to your destination is also a part of your journey. 

In March of this year, Cardoza went to her first concert and wants to have that experience again.

“I would love to go again,” Cardoza said.

Everyone has a musician they would like to see at a concert, there is a variety of music to see in concerts.

“I really want to see Tyler the Creator. I really like his music and his concerts always seem fun,” Cardoza said.

There’s a lot to take in once you’re at the concert, with new experiences you will never forget. Trying to figure out which part was your favorite can be hard because all of it is astonishing.

“My favorite part was when they played their new album. My favorite song at the moment is ‘Una Peda,’” Cardoza said. 

Another senior Matthew Battle said his first concert was unforgettable. 

“I saw Cardi B with my family,” Battle said. 

Many things can happen during concerts and having this experience with different people can bring out different outcomes.

“I would love to go again but with people my own age,” Battle said.

Many people want to experience different artists at concerts and see how they connect with the audience. 

“I would love to see Luke Combs or Lil Baby because their music style is great,” Battle said. 

Concerts can be anywhere, in your hometown or in another state. Going somewhere new is exciting, and sharing those experiences with your friends and family can create a closer bond between each other.