Logan Paul new collaboration with KSI for Prime energy drink


Sarah Munzenmaier

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Patrick Eckert, Opinions Writer

Logan Paul is a very controversial figure, faced with a lot of career-ending mistakes. However, he always seems to bounce back. Logan not only came back from his mistakes but is thriving.

Paul is a YouTuber who gained his fame off the video website Vine. Even though his old videos were childish, he never really crossed the line until his forest video. His forest video was his first and biggest mistake. In the video he went into a Japanese suicide forest and recorded a deceased body. And in response to this horrible mistake, he made a trashy apology video that just made things way worse.

Despite all odds, Logan’s career did not end there. After a lot of hard work, networking, and newfound maturity, Logan revived his career. The most notable people that saved his career are Logan’s best friend Mike Majlak and British YouTuber KSI. Logan did not stop making mistakes, however, as he ran over sea turtle eggs with a jeep and recorded it. The most recent mistake was an online scam called Crypto Zoo. This was a mobile video game with a real money aspect that was a scam.

That’s enough of Logan’s mistakes, moving more into his hard earned success. Logan has massively improved the quality of his videos so much that he feels like a new person. One of his most recent videos titled “I took 4,120 polaroids in 99 days” is an entertaining and very inspiring video that is very clear it took a lot of work and dedication to make.

Not only has Logan improved his YouTube, he has been adapting and innovating his brand. Logan started boxing career fighting against YouTubers and even well known fighters within the boxing community. His boxing career, however, started off pretty trashy with a lot of childish banter between the fighters. But he has already grown from it, and the majority of the banter between fighters was just marketing to hype up the fight. Logan didn’t stop there with his fighting career; he recently made a WWE appearance.

Debatably, the biggest thing he’s ever done is his podcast. Logan’s podcast “Impulsive” with co-hosts Mike Majlak and George Janko is a huge hit. The podcast has hosted tons of world famous celebrities, YouTubers, and more. On YouTube, the podcast has over 4.4 million subscribers with most videos averaging over a million views on YouTube alone. The podcast has over 300 videos and is streamable on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple podcasts.

Logan’s career does not end with entertainment. He has teamed up with YouTuber KSI to release an energy drink, Prime. The drink is already in stores throughout the United States. Prime has been given the stamp of approval of Youtubers throughout the platform. The biggest  step forward for the energy drink was that Logan’s team got a Super Bowl commercial. The Super Ball has a huge viewing estimated to be around 112.2 million and is a great marketing opportunity for the brand

Logan’s career has been a rollercoaster, but his entrepreneurship, combined with his ability to accept and learn from his mistakes, is what makes him such a successful social media influencer.