Liminal Horror on the Rise

Sasha Kaiser, Features Writer

“Skinamarink” has been the talk of the Internet after its recent release. People either love it or hate it. It’s a liminal horror film similar to the back rooms style of horror that’s recently become so popular among younger horror fans as an intro to this genre.  Liminal horror is hard to define, but essentially it is a horror film that takes place in a space between two states of being. Whatever your opinion is, this style is becoming increasingly popular in the community and might start to become a big staple of this decade’s horror films.

“Skinamarink” was the subject of controversy before it was even released to the public. It fell victim to a lot of illegal streaming and social media users calling it one of “the most disturbing movies.” With everyone talking about just how terrifying it was, it had a lot to live up to for the general public. Many were let down by its mellow nature and more subtle horror. It’s more like a nightmare you had as a kid rather than something that is outright terrifying to you now. It’s a movie that is either terrifying or terrifyingly boring to viewers and creates a really polarizing divide between people who love it and people who despise it.

The polarizing nature of the film will certainly draw young directors looking for fame. If the attention that “Skinamarink” got is even close to a prediction of the attention that other liminal horror films will get, then it’s only natural for others to hop on the wagon and imitate it with hopes of gaining attention. Although a lot of people may dislike the monotone feel of the movies, there’s no sign that there will be any drop in popularity soon.

So, if you haven’t already, go ahead and give “Skinamarink” a go. But you might end up turning it off halfway through out of boredom.