The future of scream queens and kings

Sasha Kaiser, Features Writer

Since last year, the amount of mainstream horror media has become more and more prevalent, and it’s clear that some actors take more easily to the horror spotlight than others. Mia Goth, for example, has already starred in three horror films in the past year, and there’s definitely more to come as she’s starting to make a name for herself as a great scream queen. With Goth’s rise to horror stardom, you can’t help but wonder what other actors will take the title of scream king or queen, and there are some that I just can’t wait to get the title.

What makes a person a scream king or queen is simply being associated with having a role in horror films. Although the actors I will be talking about have been in horror films, they haven’t been treated with the title of scream king or queen yet, but hopefully, they will soon.

Owen Campbell is a brilliant actor and even better in the horror movie set. Starring in the 2020 indie film, “My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell it To,” Campbell played the main character, a depressed vampire. In 2022 Campbell played along with big stars Mia Goth and Jenna Ortega in the hit film “X,” making his way to the big screen. He’s a brilliant actor and amazing at conveying intense emotions. 

Another possible scream king is none other than Glenn from “The Walking Dead,” Steven Yeun. Although he’s most well known for “The Walking Dead,” he has starred in recent horror films such as “Mayhem” and “Nope.” Yeun has made a name for himself in the horror industry, and I can only see it going up from here for him.

As for scream queens, Aisha Dee is an actress that really sticks out to me after watching her film “Sissy.” She’s incredibly talented and I could see her going to star in more modern slashers and really making a bigger name for herself in the genre. 

Another horror film to come out this year with a great leading lady is “Bones and All.” Although the movie wasn’t necessarily terrifying, Taylor Russel is a great actress that definitely has a future in horror films, as the killer or the victim. 

The future of horror is looking bright, and with all the horror films coming out, there are a ton of contenders for scream icons. So who do you think could make it as a scream icon?