Buzzfeed writer turned Golden Globe award winner

Maya Kopczak, Features Writer

Quinta Brunson went from a Buzzfeed writer to winning a Golden Globe award for “Best Actress in Musical or Comedy TV Series” for “Abbott Elementary.” She’s so iconic that she beat Selena Gomez and Jenna Ortega for this award. 

Quinta first came into the public eye in 2014 as a meme. She went viral for the “Oh He Got Money” picture and that’s what ultimately kick-started her fame. It’s essentially a reaction photo of her looking really shocked. She was able to quit her job at Apple and move to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. 

She started working at Buzzfeed and starred in, produced, and wrote numerous videos and sketches that would go viral and make her a household name in the Buzzfeed community.  

Quinta knew that she wanted to produce shows and began doing that when she already worked at Buzzfeed. She wrote “Broke” and sold it to YoutubeRed. Then she produced the sketch comedy show “Quinta vs. Everything” on Facebook. 

Quinta’s presentation on TED Talk was what ultimately gave her the idea to create “Abbott Elementary,” which is one of my favorite shows that’s running at the moment. In the presentation, she talks about how advertisements influence the way we perceive ourselves. One of the main reasons she created the show was to draw awareness to where public school funding is going and whatnot. 

“Abbott Elementary” is a show about teachers at a school in south Philadelphia that is almost similar to “The Office,” but it also tackles important issues, like how we need to prioritize funding public education in America. Quinta revealed that the show is inspired by her mother’s own experience as a teacher in Philadelphia. 

Quinta is the backbone of what media is today. You could put on basically any show nowadays, and Qunita has somehow been involved with it, whether it be writing or acting. Have you seen “Big Mouth?” Well, she plays Missy’s older cousin, and in “Lazor Wulf,’’ plays the main character, Blazer Wulf. She’s even guest-starred in some cult classic shows like “IZombie” and “New Girl.” 

This woman made something out of nothing and is changing modern media.