FVHS Sneaker Ball is elegant yet comfortable

Alissa Martinez, News Editor

Fuquay-Varina Student Council has announced information about our upcoming dance, the Sneaker Ball. The ball will be held on Saturday, Feb. 25 from 7-9:30 p.m. at our school’s cafeteria. 

Encouraged attire to wear to this event includes formal dresses, suits, and most importantly non-formal shoes. 

“The Sneaker Ball gives everyone an opportunity to dress up for a school dance but in a unique and fun way. It puts a fun twist on a regular formal,” said senior class president Bonnie Hernandez.

Hernandez has helped alongside fellow student council members to turn this idea into a major event for students to participate in.

“Personally, at Prom, I saw a line of heels on the wall within 10 minutes. With sneakers you can dance and party comfortably but still express your own style,” she said. 

With our school not having a school-wide formal dance since the lockdown, the Sneaker Ball allows students to come together and create memories that students haven’t had the opportunity to do so. 

“The inspiration behind the Sneaker Ball was to give underclassmen the chance to have a school dance because we never got a homecoming,” said senior Ryan Seaman, who is also on the Student Council committee alongside Hernandez. 

Fellow members are trying their best to make this year as memorable and as eventful as possible, especially given the circumstances of the past three years.

Having the first school-wide dance since COVID-19 is very exciting. Student Council has been limited the past years with events, so it has been a slow start getting back into full gear. Powderpuff was a success, so I have high hopes for the Sneaker Ball,” said Hernandez. 

Ticket sales will be available to buy starting in mid-January. With only a limited number of tickets, you must be a FVHS student to attend.

“There are no outside guests allowed because there are only 500 tickets available. We want as many FVHS students that want to go to get the opportunity to do so,” said Seaman.

Students can feel recognized and fully appreciated for their interests, so be sure to wear your favorite sneakers. With an Air Force One raffle happening during the dance, there could be a prize for the potential winner drawn out.

More information regarding ticket dates will be out soon, so be sure to be on the lookout for updates. Don’t forget to tune into the morning announcements regarding the Sneaker Ball, and make this dance an unforgettable experience.