Classless Willow Springs students deface Fuquay’s spirit rock


Sam Prestipino, Editor-in-Chief

After the scary firearm incident at Fuquay-Varina Middle School two weeks ago, staff at our school painted a dedication to the heroes that neutralized the situation at the middle school on the spirit rock that sits in front of our campus.

After only being up for a few days, students from Willow Spring High School decided that they would dump a bucket of blue paint over the art and spray paint obesities all over the rock.

Painting over opposing schools’ rocks has been something that schools across the country have done forever, but the students at Willow Spring took it too far.

“Now that’s crossing the line,” junior Zach Christensen said. “You don’t paint over something that is a monument to a school shooting. This is just a sorry Willow team thinking that they are good, but they aren’t going to beat us,” he added. 

This was a dedication to the selfless acts of heroism that staff and students took during the scary situation, and these students decided to be blind and insensitive to that fact.

“This is terrible. These guys are disrespectful to the art that the teachers put into honoring the school shooting,” said senior Cameron Ferrell.

Tonight, Fuquay takes on Willow Spring in a varsity basketball game at Willow Spring High School. This incident is sure to be whiteboard material for the Bengals.